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My first stroll through The Diamond District left me frozen by the overwhelming beauty of jewels against the distinctive NYC grit & hustle. Between these two poles I thought...

Why is it that we are so moved by sparkling, dazzling things? 

Our platinum leather embraces our desire for brilliance and luster. Its Monroe type seduction just begs to be worn like a piece of jewelry.


The Liv baguette features pearlized lambskin, a hand beaded flap, our custom “J” buckle, and a suede interior in our signature electric blue.


Liv [Beaded Platinum]

  • Lambskin is renown for its luxurious softness and its resilience. Worn over time it reveals crinkles and folds which are natural to the leathers rich character and depth.

    All leather is responsibly sourced from certified suppliers of the Leather Working Group Tanneries.

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